REactively Defending against Advanced Cybersecurity Threats

Advanced Cybersecurity Threats can compromise software and automatically propagate from host to host all over the Internet, without any end-user intervention. The massive infection of hosts can disrupt many services and cause annoyance, significant financial loss, or even affect the operation of life-critical infrastructures such as nuclear plants, and hospitals. ReAct aims to fight software exploitation, and mitigate such Advanced Cybersecurity Threats in a timely fashion, based on four complementary actions:

  • Probes actively, and in a transparent and ethical way, the network for identifying unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Once aware of new vulnerabilities, automatically patches all vulnerable hosts of an organization, using software instrumentation, and secures them temporarily, until the official patch of the vulnerability is published.
  • Detects exploited hosts and immediately isolates them from the rest of the network to limit malware propagation.
  • Analyzes security incidents for forecasting future cybersecurity threats.
Actions of all four components are projected through a visual interface, which increases situational awareness for the entire life cycle of the product.

REACT Workshop

How to reactively defend against advanced cyber threats
20 May , 13:00-17:00 - CEST (online)
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